Welcome to the world of PPG, Powered Paragliding or Paramotor; the safest, simplest, and cheapest form of flight nowadays.

If your dream is to fly like a bird, we are here to help you to make it for real.

At ParamotorKits we offer equipment for powered paragliding (PPG), DIY Kits, certificate flight training program and lots of Fun in the Sun ...

Take a ride through our website and look around. When you finish, give us a call so we can help get you up to the Skies!!!


Inspired to fly?

How much does it cost? About the same as getting into motocross. Fill in the form on the right and we'll let you know how to find your nearest paramotoring school.

Is it hard? Depending on your physical capabilities and bird-like nature it can be very simple and you could be in the air in a matter of hours.

How long is the training? It depends on the student and level you want to achieve while with an instructor. We recommend about a month to learn or about 20 hours of training.

Is training necessary? Yes. People have trained themselves to try and save money, but then they have to replace all the equipment they have broken along the way (which is more expensive then the training!)

What should my first purchase be? Choose a paragliding wing first. Once fitted for a glider you can start training and your instructor will be very helpful in finding you a motor that fits your weight and abilities.

What should I look for in a glider? Make sure it is made for paramotoring; specially constructed with reinforcement and trimmings to make the glider better under the weight of the motor (plus you of course).

Don't buy a paragliding wing which is not built for the weight or geometry of the motor. The best is a beginner wing, built for safety and reliability. As a beginner, a category 1-2 also known as intermediate glider is also a good choice, so the glider will be updated when you advance in your flying skills.