Innovation.... Creativity... Flexibility... All hallmarks of ConceptONE, the latest bleeding edge design proposal of to the PPG world. We are excited and proud to announce the introduction of our new ConceptONE universal Frame. Hundreds of hours in both CAD design and practical applications have resulted in the most technically advanced PPG frame on the market. Tolerances are kept tight by using CNC accurate parts.

    The ConceptONE is modular, meaning that the frame will accept almost any of the current PPG engines on the market, thanks to our unique "U-Frame" concept chassis. The modular nature of the ConceptONE also allows for complete freedom when choosing both the size of the fuel tank and the size of the cage (from 43 to 53 inches), even for long range flights or for more powerful trust. The ConceptONE frame also means flexibility, allowing for both low or high attachment points. Now, one frame allows the beginner to fly with a high attachment point and the experienced pilot the use of a low attachment point, meaning a greater degree of control through weigh shifting. As with all products designed by, the ConceptONE frame is a study in the latest technology. The cage is made of light weight anodized aluminum without weld joints to avoid any kind of cracks and that could split in 12 parts that dismantle easily and quickly, allowing for ease of transport. The structural section of the main frame is constructed using a honeycomb composite sandwich panel.

    This means terrifically high tensile strength with dramatically low weight. This engineering concept is similar to how modern planes, boats and Formula 1 cars are constructed. Both PPG rigs, aerospace structures and race cars grapple with the same competing need; light weight and high strength. In a sport where ounces may make the difference between a successful no wind launch or an embarrassing romp, the ConceptONE is what you want on your back. The ConceptONE frame is additionally unique in the industry in that it allows for full customization such the color, your preferred graphic design and even the creation of special shapes. Technique and design finally join to birth an attractive and innovative unit, the one that you can also participate to give your personal touch. You need to fly the latest... You need the safest equipment available... You need to create a statement... You need the ConceptONE!

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