This (U-Trike) is awesome.This is so easy to launch & land. best decision I've ever made. THANKS A MILLION


My experience with powered paragliding, well lets just say was going to a very rough road to follow. I am one of those guys that thinks I can do anything on my own, this is not one of those things that should be done without proper training. I purchased my equipment regrettably not from EagleWings but after some convincing from my wife and common sense setting in, I found Ike from Paramotorkits. This was the best thing that could have happened, Ike is the most understanding and knowledgeable person I have ever met. He will work with you at the level you require, I think that my meeting Ike has made me a more professional and safer flyer. I now consider Ike a true friend and try to fly together any time we can, it seems that every time I fly around him he has some good advice about how to do something better. I hope that if you are thinking about getting into this sport please do your research and call Ike for any info you may need, He will not steer you wrong. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience with Ike or my training.

Florida Keys

Ike, Just a note to thank you for your expertise when my buddy and I were there.
We purchased equipment elsewhere, and realized we needed some professional help. We took our wives on a vacation, and left them at the hotel to meet with you and learn how to fly.
We knew the basics, but were not comfortable to get into the air.

The pointers you gave us, and your professional yet friendly manner in dealing with my blunderings, speak volumes for the type of trainer you are. I will definitely recommend anyone to contact you for training. And knowing now the type of equipment you sell, I would have bought my first setup from you; It really looks like a nice unit.
Thanks again, and talk soon.

Clint Massie, Duluth MN
(218) 525-6360

I finally spoke to Ike from the Fly Like an Eagle school. He works out of Miami and is the lone instructor. He also was the most reasonable priced and flexible instructor I had spoken to.

Due to the fact that him picked me up at my hotel each morning, I didn''t need to rent a car. I spent ten hours a day for five days with him. On day one, he took a look at my kiting technique, gave me a few pointers and suddenly was kiting like a pro! The next few days were spent refining my technique.

A few thoughts about an instructor. As a student, you are going make many mistakes. You are going to get your wing up, then it is going to come down,in a bad way. You are going to feel stupid as your instructor has to run about, gathering your wing and setting it up for you. If he is short on patience, you are going to not have a very nice time. Higinio is the most patient man I have ever met. He never once mad me feel as though he was getting frustrated by my mistakes.

As well as being an exceptional instructor, he is an exceptional pilot. He fly''s professionally for various brands (Red Bull for example) and as such, he fly''s in, often, less than ideal conditions. This man knows how to fly and he has tips and techniques that may not be known to others with less experience. He designs PPG equipment and has a profound and deep knowledge of the sport.

By the final day, I was charging about the sky (in his equipment) and very thankful that I had chosen to fly down to Miami to train with Fly Like an Eagle.

I very much recommend Ike as an instructor. His knowledge,temperament and work ethic make him the ideal person to help you to learn how to run into the sky!

Tom Kehoe, Long Island NY (516)983-3753

Ike is a very knowledgeable and skilled instructor.

The kind of person you''ll enjoy having in a training environment.(safety is number one !) He definitely has the knowledge and patience to pass to anyone who would like to successfully take their first flight (and beyond) in this wonderfully personal world of aviation !!

He also offers equipment sales at the best prices I''ve ever found (after thorough research) with very prompt service.

In a weeks time I gained the experience to make my first two flights and most importantly A professional/personal friend for life. Thank you Ike !!!


Christopher Myers
Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania

Comment from website:

You guys have really got it going on. I've looked at almost 25 different motor/cage units and I think you have it all over what I've seen so far, you have one of those now why didn't I think of that concepts, most units use welding, weld breaks as they often do and just try and find a welder for aluminum and there's just so many times you can weld steel and between those are about 90% of the frames and if that's not bad enough they will only use their motor on their mount,simply brilliant idea you guys have there, now can I get my free kit ! just kidding !

Major improvement over everything else out there. You should get a major market share with this design concept !!!

August Hahn

I had two flights yesterday evening using my trike attachment and your trike bar. It worked great and does protect the weaker cages. Here is a picture of the trike bar on my trike.

Great invention and thanks for your help. I would love to get a chance to check out your Conceptone sometime.

Ron Hogan, Tennessee

2010 feedback - My ConceptOne frame is great, I really like it. About a month ago, I was doing a gang test in my garage and my hang strap broke, I fell about 2.5 feet and thought for sure something would be broken. The frame took all of the shock and no damage at all! I saw this happen to a Blackhawk chrome molly frame and it ended up being bent up, and one of the welds broke, it never looked the same after being fixed.

If you have someone thinking about buying one, have them call or email me, I''m a big fan,Thanks. Marc Damon (630) 204-0213

2009 feedback - I just want to let you know I have had two flights with your ParamotorKits frame and I am very happy with it. The weather around here hasn''t been the best, so flight time has been sparse, but I just got my second flight in.

Both flights I tried to get you pictures, but the first time, my wife forgot her camera, and the second flight she remembered her camera, but forgot to put a memory card in. Sorry, I will get you some pictures as soon as the wind dies down around here.

I bought a brand new black Devil electric start motor for the frame and it all went together perfect. I have flown a lot of Sky Cruiser type ppg''s and the weight shift set up on your frame is by far the best. I am still using a skycruiser type harness, so I had to attach it a little differently, but it works great.

Thanks again for all of the help, and I will get you a few pictures soon.

Marc Damon

The ultimate thrill of flight obtained from flying on a Powered Paraglider was only sweetened even more by meeting such a man as Ike along the way.
I contacted several instructors in the area before ultimately choosing to get my instructions from him. His knowledge and experience with paragliding was evident from our first conversation but became even more apparent the more time I spend with him. The stories and recounts of past flights are more than instructional they are interesting and entertaining as well. His fare prices, one on one training and flexible hours were also very appealing points for me.
My time with Ike was never rushed even though I probably took twice the time to learn with my out of date (used) equipment. He never made me feel as if he was frustrated with me or that I was wasting his time even though he was setting up my wing over and over again and helping me repair the ignition on my motor. At least for me it always felt as if it was just a good friend helping me learn how to fly so I could go along with him and share in this magnificent endeavor.
If you are considering taking up this sport do yourself a huge favor and get Ike to be your instructor. I guess the only thing I would do different if I had to do it all over would be to get my equipment from him or with him instead of on my own.

Jose (Corky) Gonzalez
Miami Springs FL

Mis experiencias de vuelo con Ike fueron siempre de mucho aprendizaje aun en esta mi segunda vez que lo visite, pues la primera fue aun mas grata ya que, por primera vez, en un muy corto periodo de tiempo tuve la oportunidad de despegar solo; claro esta el me dio un curso super intensivo en muy corto tiempo estamos hablando de horas en una manana.

En esa sola manana me explico desde el funcionamiento de mi PPG desde la A hasta la Z en todo lo referente al motor, aceite y gasoline, vela, clima, etc. etc.

Despues del tiempo mantuvimos un contacto telefonico. Ike todo el tiempo estuvo en la mejor disposicion de acesorarme en cualquier duda posible. Cuando yo llege con mi equipo nuevo de PPG, yo ya tenia alguna experiencia en otro tipos de ultralivianos, inclusive Paragliding con 25 aterrisadas en vuelo libre.

Cuando por primera vez Ike despego aquel dia , se me hizo la cosa mas dificil de asimilar. Por un momento pense que seria muy dificil de lograr volar, me dije de pronto tendre que consumir mas dias para completar mi entrenamiento de PPG. Ike hizo algunas maniobras que demostraban lo diestro que es para el control del PPG, me parecieron muy impresionantes. Al cabo de algunos minutos despues yo estaba haciendo lo que me parecia tan dificil …. pues PPG es relativamente facil de aprender, pero lo es mas aun cuando confias en un instructor tan capaz como lo es Ike; te doy las gracias !!!

Ya en camino de regreso a N.C. pense cuan incredible era el hecho de que despues de unas horas de instruccion ya me habia convertido en piloto de paramotor.

En este Segundo encuentro, despues de un largo tiempo y con unas horas mas de experiencia. Ike y yo partimos en vuelo cada quien en su PPG. Otra vez , no fue menos grato que la primera vez, si no todo lo contrario !!!; fue otra maravillosa nueva experiencia.

Pude constatar que el chasis que Ike tiene en su paramotor (el ConceptONE) es un muy buen diseno, El equipo especial esta acoplado de tal manera que las turbulencias casi no lo afectan al contrario que en mi equipo, en donde la mayor parte del vuelo estuve pendiente de los controles.

Fue una reunion familiar y tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer nuestras familias. Espero pronto repetir la experiencia, estoy seguro sera de mucho agrado; Y claro de mucho aprendizaje.

Gracias por todo, un fuerte abrazo te cuidas y saludos a tu esposa.

Omar R Nieto NC

I highly recommend if you are new to the sport to get properly trained by a professional PPG flight instructor. Like any other sport it has its risks and rewards.

With proper training and with a good instructor at hands, you can diminish the risk factor. I also recommend for you to do some research of your own and on the internet and don?t be afraid to ask questions, then I highly suggest you call Ike (certified PPG Flight Instructor.) He operates from Miami Florida, where the weather is more forgiving at times; I also understand he is known internationally to teach the sport in other countries throughout the world. Let me tell you won?t be disappointed. If you are looking for an instructor with many years of experience, true knowledge in the sport and a one on one instructor, he is the man to call. Ike is very passionate towards the sport and really enjoys what he does. He will go out of his way to make sure you understand and interpret the sport like you should. He is also a man of patience.

In this sport like many other aviation sport, safety plays an important part and the more information you absorb the better, and Ike makes sure you get the right information along with the proper training needed to enjoy the sport for many years to come.

Tony Torres, Miami FL

(786) 406-4533

Hi my name is Richard Weston
Ike from Paramotorkits trained me to fly PPG
It was not an easy task, as I was a hard learner and the fact that I was one month past my 70th birthday when he finally got me into the air.
Ike showed a lot of patience, and skill during the entire time and never gave up on me.
Now one month before my 74th birthday, I have over 200 hours in the air and still foot launching.
Out of it all, I have been able to participate in a great sport and gain many new friends, starting with Ike.

Richard Weston, Palm City, FL